Veronika HARCSA - Bálint GYÉMÁNT DUO

Veronika Harcsa is a uniquely versatile Hungarian singer and songwriter, whose greatest strength lies in a clarity, which enchants and bedazzles instantly. Her unmistakable combination of timbre, structure and responsiveness consistently result in this rare trait: clarity. Her current project and band is an acoustic duo with guitar player Bálint Gyémánt. Together they have recorded two albums Lifelover (2013), Tell Her (2016) and are regularly touring across Europe. She is also resident at the Valley of Arts Festival in Hungary, where she runs her own stage, being responsible for the jazz program of the cultic ten days festival. Bálint Gyémánt is one of the most outstanding guitarists of the Hungarian jazz scene, who shows real interest in all kinds of music. Besides being a significant member in first rate jazz formations, is happy to take part in different musical projects that fulfill his interest and love of music. In the past few years he has been a frequent guest of Veronika Harcsa’s quartet and started the formation called Bin-Jip with DJ Andrew J and pianist Zsolt Kaltenecker, playing experimental electronic music. Their debut album, Enter (2010), was awarded with the title: The Album of the Year on the Fonogram awards. Their prosperous cooperation with Veronika Harcsa resulted in the formation of a duo. In 2013 they presented their album, Lifelover, also released worldwide. With their repertoire, the musical duo teamed up with dot.Consla I hear you improvisation dance and music performance, premiered in 2018.

Veronika Harcsa
Bálint Gyémánt
Foto: Balázs Glodi