Dorottya Ujszászi, graduated in 2002 as an award winning dancer, designed her personal mouvement vocabulary known as CONSLA© created from the alliance of contact, contemporary dance techniques and salsa partnering, she explores and develops since 2010.
Her dance company, dot.Consla hires freelance professional dancers on a project-to-project basis since 2013. The company's routines are both based on choreographed partnering arrangements and leave space to either structured or free improvisation. Work operates on a joint creation process.
"As a choreographer and dancer I find exciting to let the individualities develop as well as I do believe that dancers might express their most inner and immediate feelings and thoughts through their personal mouvements. I feel this freedom is essential to all of us."
The Company’s repertoire are composed of pieces influenced by salsa, contact dance and contemporary technique, and investigate into actual topics around the psychology of human connections.


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